AZ AV RENTAL, a division of Josh Skehan Productions, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Skehan Group LLC, is a leading audio-visual (AV) rental service happily serving Scottsdale, Arizona and beyond since 2009. We specialize in many aspects of A/V equipment rental and event production, including audio-visual and videography services for conferences, meetings, trade shows, expos, symposiums and the like. AZ AV RENTAL is less of a AV "rental" company and more of an AV service. We've seen it too many times...when hotels or other A/V companies charge exhorbitant rates, and then when you get up to the podium the microphone isn't even on, or the projector doesn't work, or the laptop isn't compatible, etc., etc. and there's not a staff member to be seen. It's frustrating, and that's why AZ AV RENTAL is here to help!


Video is more popular and necessary than ever before. Its uses are endless...but so are your options. That's why it's important that your video production company stays ahead of the latest enhancements in the video world and keeps your best interests at heart. 


Welcome to Service with a smile!

AZ AV Rental



AZ AV RENTAL understands you only have one chance to make your project, presentation or event great. Our AV team takes pride in making sure our clients have the necessary audio and video equipment to make their project a success.


AZ AV RENTAL, the alternative to over-priced hotels and AV rental companies for professional Audio-Visual rentals, live event production and event videography services. Serving Scottsdale, Arizona & beyond with pride since 2005! We are a multi-faceted, motivated and creative team, priding ourselves on efficiency, technology and incredible customer service, and we just can't wait to work for you. Take a look at our unique audio-visual rental services and/or videography packages and then contact us to receive a custom quote for your project, we're looking forward to hearing from you! 



Do you have an AV or video production project that's so difficult that you're not even sure where to start? Do you just have a simple AV question that you need answered? You can reply on JSP to be your trusted adviser for anything AV or video related, just contact us!